“Even though we’re from completely different areas, it does raise my spirits to get to know people who are working really hard and suffering in agony but continue to still create new work.”

Sega spices things up a bit in the recently released Phantasy Star 0.

In order to hype next week’s release of Evangelion: 1.01 You Are (Not) Alone, FUNimation decided to post the first nine minutes of the movie online. Check it out!

Phantasy Star 0 becomes the game Phantasy Star Online fans have been waiting for, Lunar: The Silver Star gets a portable update in Lunar: Harmony of Silver Star, and more!

We knew this was coming after Amazon put the game up for pre-order with a March 10 release date. Now it’s official.

Sakura Note brings nostalgia to the DS, Persona 3 Portable provides us with another excuse to explore Tartarus, and more!