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Noitu Love 2: Devolution will see a WiiWare port later this year

Golgoth Studio announced through its Facebook page that it will be working with Joakim Sandberg (Konjak) to bring Noitu Love 2 to Nintendo's download service some time in 2010.

Back at GDC 2008, the most interesting game that I saw in the indie section of the floor happened to be Noitu Love 2. Besides the above average pixel art presentation, what stood out most about this side-scroller was the control scheme that made use of the wsad keys on the keyboard, the mouse cursor on the screen, and both the left and right mouse buttons. Players controll the character named Xoda with the wsad keys and attack by clicking on the left mouse button. In addition to attacking, the left mouse button can also be used in conjunction with the cursor to get to enemies quickly, hang on to different objects, throw enemies, and launch charged attacks. The right mouse button conjures up a shield at the cursor's location, allowing the player to avoid certain attacks and pass through obstacles much more easily.

At the time, it seemed like everyone was more interested in the still-to-this-day unfinished Fez, so I don't think that this game got the recognition that it deserved. So, it's nice that it is getting a second chance on WiiWare. And since the Nunchuk and Wii remote combination could easily be used to simulate the keyboard and mouse controls of the original, we needn't worry about losing the more unique aspect of NL2 once it makes its way onto our television screens.

If you want to try Noitu Love 2 ahead of time, you can still get the demo or buy the full game at Konjak's home page. You can also find and play some of his older games at the site as well.

SOURCE Noitu Love 2 Coming To WiiWare @ GamerBytes
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