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Disgaea 4
Nippon Ichi Software's Masahiro Yamamoto discusses Disgaea's transition to HD and the reason behind the series' cast changes.

Alex discusses the importance of fighting game stories, what he thinks about bringing in guest characters, the creation of movesets and fighting styles, and ponders which character will end up being the safe pick for those familiar with other fighting games.

UFO Interactive
Andrew talks game selection, future prospects, and pricing. He also delves into the localization process and UFO Interactive's efforts to "keep the games as true to their original form as possible."

Streets of Rage Remake
Bomberlink's tribute to the Streets of Rage trilogy features the best elements from each game as well as a few extras, including the missing motorcycle stage from Streets of Rage 3.

Peter Dassenko talks about Bonk's transition from 2D to 3D, the new modes and gimmicks in Bomberman Live Battlefest, and how Hudson makes sure that sequels to its popular franchises always feel right despite the many changes each follow-up brings to the table.

Jody Mahler talks about Gundemonium Collection, the localization process, and Rockin' Android's future plans.

The former head of Team Ninja hopes that Valhalla Game Studios' freshman project will once again introduce gamers to a new "gaming paradigm."

Golgoth Studio and series creator Joakim Sandberg are working together to bring the indie hit to Nintendo's download service.

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