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The Release List for the week of May 24, 2010

Note: Release dates are subject to change

Kunio-Kun no Chou Nekketsu! Soccer League (DS) [import]

Kunio-Kun no Chou Nekketsu! Soccer League looks to be a remake of Kunio-kun no Nekketsu Soccer League, the sequel to Nekketsu Koukou Dodgeball-bu Soccer-hen, or Nintendo World Cup as it was renamed when it was brought to North America in the early 90s. The three things that stood out about the games were your ability to freely slide and tackle your opponents without penalty, being in control of only one character and issuing orders to your five teammates when not in possession of the ball, and the super shot move that could be unleashed under the right conditions (walking a certain distance, bicycle-kicking the ball, or headbutting it). In the sequel, Technos improved upon the original by implementing weather effects and giving players the ability to dash and jump. The DS remake adds four-player wireless, improved graphics, unlockable items and powerups, new modes, and tweaked gameplay.

Aksys Games has already announced that it will be releasing the game over here under the name River City Soccer Hooligans. According to GameStop, we should be getting it on the 18th of June.

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DeathSmiles IIX (360) [import]

The first DeathSmiles was a Cave shooter that first appeared in Japan's arcades in 2007. It was labeled a "Gothic Lolita shooter" thanks to the character designs by Junya Inoue, someone who is well known for his past efforts on other Cave shooters such as DoDonPachi, ESP Ra.De., and Guwange.

There are quite a few features that set the DeathSmiles series apart from the competition. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Unlike most of Cave's other games, DeathSmiles is a horizontal shooter. For the most part, the stages scroll either to the left or to the right with some vertical movement here and there.
  • Enemies attack from both sides of the screen. Fortunately, you can shoot to the left and to the right using separate buttons.
  • Each of the characters is followed around by his or her own familiar. These helpers fire bullets and can act as a shield.
  • Instead of using the standard one-hit-and-you're-dead life system that most shooters employ, Cave made use of life bars. This is part of the reason why the original is considered to be one of the developer's easiest schmups.

The arcade release for DeathSmiles II did away with traditional 2D sprites in favor of 3D models, eventually allowed players to choose from four characters, and had only a handful of stages to play through. Many of Cave's followers were quick to dismiss this sequel because of the lack of characters and stages as well as the direction the company went with the game's graphics, but it seems that many who gave it a chance found it enjoyable. Luckily for them and for those who are still willing to give the series another shot, the Xbox 360 port will feature enhancements over its arcade counterpart, including the addition of two new bosses and stages as well as the ability to play as both Rosa and Follett from the first game. It will also have the usual extras found in most arcade-to-console ports such as graphical upgrades, multiple difficulty settings, and an arrange mode.

DeathSmiles II will not be region free, but we can probably expect it to be brought over by Aksys Games if the publisher's upcoming US release of the first game does well enough.


G.G Series Collection Plus (DS) [import]

This is a collection consisting of thirty of Genterprise's released and unreleased Japan-only DSiWare games. Many genres are represented here, including shmup, brawler, platformer, racer, sports, and puzzler. Most of the titles have to be unlocked by playing through the available games and collecting points.

released games:

Assault Buster
Black x Block
Chou Hero Ouga
Conveyor Konpou
Dark Spirits
Drift Circuit
Drilling Attack!!
Energy Chain
Exciting River
Shinobi Karakuri-Den
Throw Out
Wonder Land

unreleased games:

Air Pinball Hockey
All Breaker
Harisen BON!
Hippa no Daibouken
Kakure Ninja Kagemaru
Last Knight
Run & Strike
Score Attacker
Shadow Army
Uchuu Race!!
Variable Arms
Yuusha Puzzle

RELATED game descriptions and videos @ Genterprise

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Blaze Union (PSP) [import]

Blaze Union: Story to Reach the Future is a prequel to Yggdra Union and centers around Garlot (still unknown whether it's a guy or a girl), the leader of the Blaze Knight Corps. The Blaze Knights have taken it upon themselves to protect the people against the Bronquian Empire, the same enemy that the princess of Fantasinia had to deal with in the previous game.


Medarot DS: Kabuto Version (DS) [import]


Medarot DS: Kuwagata Version (DS) [import]

Hexyz Force (PSP)


Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Lord of Elemental (DS) [import]

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Pachitte Chonmage Tatsujin 16: Pachinko Hissatsu Shigotojin III (PS2) [import]

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Strike Witches: Anata to Dekiru Koto - A Little Peaceful Days (PS2) [import]

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Samurai Warriors 3 (Wii) [European import]

Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii)

Tetris Party Deluxe (DS, Wii)

Desert Kingdom (PS2) [import]

Suzunone Seven: Rebirth Knot (PS2) [import]

Witch's Wish (DS)

Dawn of Heroes (DS)

Soldner-X 2: Final Prototype (PS3 digital)

The Other Releases

Japanese localizations of domestic games, "Asia" versions that do not have English options, and "Best" (greatest hits) releases are not listed.
Alpha Protocol (360, PC, PS3) [Europe]
Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii)

Backyard Sports: Sandlot Sluggers (360, DS, Wii)
Blur (360, PC, PS3)
City Builder (Wii)
Club Penguin: Herbert's Revenge (DS)
Color Cross (DS)
Let's Paint (Wii)
ModNation Racers (PS3, PSP)
Monster Frenzy (DS)
UFC Undisputed 2010 (360, PS3)

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