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Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love video footage

Spoilers have been kept at a minimum as we only wanted to include clips that introduce Sakura Wars' gameplay mechanics and showcase its English voice cast. Enjoy!

Localization Examples

Sakura Wars V - main voice cast
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Sakura Wars V - main voice cast

The credits at the end do not show who the English voice actors/actresses are. As you can see from the screenshot above, NISA only credited the Japanese talent. So for now, the debate continues...

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The attract screen

Shinjiro and Sakura

Cheiron and Sunnyside

Ratchet and Subaru

Rosita and Niccolo

Diana Caprice

Gemini Sunrise

Cherry Cocker and Anri


Mr. Wong

Gameplay Mechanics

combat basics

joint attacks

air combat

side quest featuring Rosita Aries

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  • Mauru

    The Lip Synch in the japanese version was superb!

    What happened in the english version?

  • ABC

    @Mauru: …it was lip synched for the japanese language, not enlgish.