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Cave just announced the international release for Dodonpachi Resurrection for the iPhone and the iPod touch. Here is the official trailer.

Arcana Heart: Card of Glory
Arcana Heart: Card of Glory was co-developed by Cave and Examu for docomo phones in Japan. This new video walks us through a complete match between Heart and Kira.

This extended trailer for Cave's upcoming Xbox 360 port of Death Smiles II features a lot of gameplay footage as well as some examples of the voicework that we can expect in the final game. We also get to hear more of the "Joy to the World" song that we first heard in the original trailer.

Pink Sweets – Ibara Sorekara (thumbnail)
The shmup master makes keeping up with its developments and activities easier for international fans.

Espgaluda II_thumbnail
Cave gives us a taste of what to expect when its shooter hits Apple's portables this Spring.

Deathsmiles II (250x141)
The console port will feature two new bosses, seven stages of bullet hell mayhem, and two new playable characters.

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