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This tutorial gives an entertaining overview of many of the features found in Arcana Heart 3's combat system, with examples that actually show how to use them.

otakuxgamer's Arcana Heart 3 wallpaper archive.

otakuxgamer's Arcana Heart 3 media page.

Aksys decided to express its love for its fans with some Valentine's Day cards featuring Litchi Faye-Ling, Heart Aino, and Alice.

Aksys Games saw that there is still an audience for the series in the US and decided to capitalize by releasing Arcana Heart 3 on the PlayStation Network this Spring.

Arc System Works is set to bring Examu's Arcana Heart 3 to consoles in January next year. Seeing as how it dedicated a whole booth to the game, it would appear that the developer knows that there is a lot of potential in a proper port.

Arcana Heart: Card of Glory
Arcana Heart: Card of Glory was co-developed by Cave and Examu for docomo phones in Japan. This new video walks us through a complete match between Heart and Kira.