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Squishy Tank
Atelier Judie receives its own remake, Yawaraka Tank gets squished into a puzzler, and Monochrome offers relationship-building on the go.

Atelier Judie (thumbnail)
Our chance to help Judie to return to her own time may not come, but these official wallpapers could help to soften the blow.

Angel's Present: Marle's Story (excerpt)
Harusato Akenaga tells us about his company's relationship with Gust and Idea Factory, explains why the Hayarigami series was never brought over, and reveals where he stands with Ar tonelico III.

Darius Burst_excerpt
WARNING! A new Darius is approaching fast! We also have a moefied version of The Incredible Machine in Coro Pata, the mesmerizing Akuma Hunters, and a new entry in the Atelier series.

Trinity Universe (excerpt)
This weeks sees the release of two mashups in Trinity Universe (Disgaea, Atelier Viorate) and X-Edge Dash (Ar tonelico, Atelier Marie, Darkstalkers, Disgaea, Spectral Souls: ROTEE, Mana Khemia 2).